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Rack Hub RH2 Match Set Antler Display

March 2020

Display your son or daughter's first buck to always relive the memory. Display the sheds you've picked up throughout the years next to the shoulder mount on your wall when you finally catch up with your target buck. Display your most prized match set of shed antlers and know that they are removable to show off to your buddy when he doesn't believe that G2 is 11". There are many more scenarios explaining the versatility of our RH2 antler display product. We truly care about your antlers and taking care of them. We love antlers, too, and that's why we designed our products with a sleek, minimal aesthetic, ensuring that the focus will always be on your trophy. You can rest well knowing your antlers will be safe.


  • Works with shed antlers or cut-off antlers
  • Antlers are removable, not permanent
  • 360-degree ball joint rotation for perfect positioning
  • Works with whitetails, mule deer, and blacktail deer (small to largest)
  • Proper drill bit is included for antler insert installation
  • Mount to a wall, flat surface, or pedestal
  • All metal construction, durable and guaranteed
MSRP: $59.99

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