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January 2022

The 2022 V3X is the most streamlined hunting system we’ve ever created. Equipped with our new Bridge- LockTM Sight technology to enhance balance, our new Stay Afield System (S.A.S.TM) to keep you in the hunt, and built compatible with a completely redesigned line of LowProTM quivers, the V3X system elevates the performance of our most popular hunting bow to date.
Available in 29" and 33" axle-to-axle configurations, the V3X deploys a long riser to axle-to-axle ratio to maintain industry-leading accuracy. The V3X 29 has a 6" brace height and accommodates draw lengths from 25.5" to 30". The V3X 33 has a 6.5" brace height with draw lengths ranging from 27" to 31.5".
Bridge-LockTM Sight Technology allows a dovetail sight to be mounted through the bow’s riser, eliminating the need for an external mounting bracket, for a streamlined profile, improved balance, and reduced felt vibration. The Stay Afield System (S.A.STM) specially modified cams paired with the minimalist flo-orange servicing cable allows hunters to safely remove or repair their strings and cables in the field without the use of a bow press. This ultra-lightweight and compact system is the ultimate emergency bow kit to keep backcountry archers in the hunt.
Mathews is also offering a new solid finish option this year – Granite. In addition to Granite, there are seven other solid and camo options.
MSRP: 29 – $1,199, 33 – $ 1,299
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