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2021 - New Year, Same Issues

March 2021
Author: Robbie Kroger, Founder of Blood Origins

In a changing year comes a change in mindset, a reset of sorts. It’s the development of resolutions of how things will be different, how our mindsets will change for the better, how our outlook on the world will develop and foster new opportunities for us. Within the hunting community as a whole, I think there hasn’t been enough introspection given to those things that we need to change, those things that will start to shake off the shackles of perceptions to who we truly are.

If you are unfamiliar with who Blood Origins is, simply view Blood Origins as a PR campaign for changing the hearts and minds of non-hunters and anti- hunters to who they perceive hunters to be and the things that hunting does. As we begin to stretch our legs into 2021, we have to know that if we as a hunting community don’t put forward a conscious effort to show a side of us that we have not shown over the 20 years, we cannot expect things to change from a perception point of view, including at the policy level where legislation will be debated that is very much anti-hunting centric.

Have you ever paused to think why? Why do the anti-hunting minority, just like us as a hunting group are a minority, have such a loud, powerful voice and lobby that these policies and perceptions keep perpetuating? I know. It’s pretty obvious. Hunters and hunting have a PR problem, which, unfortunately, is self-imposed. It’s a result of 20-30 years of the hunting industry steering everyone towards showcasing the kill and forgetting about the 99% of why we hunt and the consequences of hunting on wildlife, people, and the environment. That’s not sexy. That doesn’t give you as many likes or impressions or up your engagement percentage. That doesn’t sell as many bullets. Unfortunately, all of these things we “care” about will be taken away from us if you, yes you, don’t decide to do something about it.

It’s really up to you and me to do something about it. It doesn’t matter who is at the helm of the United States of America, hunting will always be attacked. It may be attacked more under certain political climates, but regardless, we have to push back with our hearts, our truth, and the facts. What can you do? You can view what you put out into the sphere of social media through the lens of a non-hunter. You can always ask the question, is what I am doing helping or hurting hunting? And if it’s hurting hunting, please resist the urge to put it on social media. If you have to (and there better be a good reason why it’s necessary if that content hurts hunting), please provide context behind that image. Finally, remember, people are mimickers. There are many more followers than leaders. By you having measured rhetoric in response to anti-hunters, by you engaging in a respectful manner, you are being an example to people you didn’t even realize are watching you.

This lifestyle is in our hands to ensure it lives on beyond you and me.