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November 2023
Story by Jacob McLean
State: Yukon

I have been extremely fortunate to win not one, but two hunts through the Huntin’ Fool Membership Drives. The first was a great Kodiak Island blacktail hunt for two with Rogue Expeditions. My dad and I had a blast with two really excellent guides, Pete Muennich and Tim Pappas. The deer population was down, but these guys didn’t give up in making sure it was a success. They even went out of their way to take us on a waterfowl hunt one morning. Sitting on barnacles to scratch off a couple new species was a definite first. I cannot say enough about everything they did to show us a great time.

A year later, there was a call one afternoon saying I had won a Dall sheep hunt in the Yukon. That was hands down the greatest call I have ever received! Fast forward to September 2022 and my sheep hunt with Ruby Range Outfitters was finally here. What I didn’t know was this trip was going to change my life forever and give me that sheep obsession I’ve only been able to hear about.

A quick floatplane ride got me to a spectacular lake where camp was set up. I was greeted by Aidan and Mitch McKibben, a father- son team, and between the two of them, they have guided more Yukon animals than I could imagine. Camp was far beyond what I had expected with every amenity you could imagine and more food than you could think about trying to eat. Staying right on the lakeshore, I spent my down time trying to fool the local lake trout.

On day one we saw ewes and lambs, but it was cut short from very strong winds. The next day, we travelled on horseback to a different camp and set out that night in hopes to spot a band to chase in the morning. Then on day three, we really got into the rams. Everywhere Aiden and I looked there would be a couple scattered throughout the drainages. By the end of the day, we had counted 27 rams! I could not believe how many we saw, and I knew it was only a matter of time before the right one came along.

On day four, we hiked into a band of 15 rams and I was able to complete my dream of harvesting a Dall sheep. With over 14" bases, Mitch coined this ram “heavier than the neighbor’s daughter,” which became a saying that will stick with me forever. Aidan and Mitch, thanks again for the entertaining stories, many laughs, great food, and stud of a ram.

Thank you, Huntin’ Fool, for these incredible memories I would’ve never experienced if it was not for the Membership Drives! Hopefully my luck hasn’t run out quite yet.