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December 2023

WildTech is excited to announce the launch of GameGrip, the only food-safe adhesive-style product on the market today designed specifically to aide hunters in the removal of hair, dirt, and debris from game meat. WildTech believes that GameGrip will enhance the meat care process for every hunter who harvests big game and is a must for anyone who is passionate about quality meat care.
Whether you are field dressing an animal in the field or butchering it at home, keeping hair and debris off of the meat has always been a difficult task. Thanks to GameGrip, that task just got a whole lot easier.

  • Food Safe – The adhesive used on GameGrip meets FDA requirements for direct food contact (FDA 175.125).
  • Any Season - The adhesive works from -65° to +150° Fahrenheit. No matter which season or location you hunt, GameGrip gets the job done.
  • Ultra-Light and Compact – One package of GameGrip weighs 2.8 oz. and is only 1/8" thick, so it fits easily into your backpack or kill kit.
  • Extremely Sticky and Effective – The adhesive remains tacky in both dry and moist conditions and is very effective at lifting hair and debris off of the meat surface.
  • Treats an Entire Animal – Each pack of GameGrip contains 10 adhesive strips, enough to treat an entire big game carcass.
 MSRP: $19.99

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