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June 2021
Author: Robert Hanneman

What a crazy year it has been. If we have learned anything over the last year, we understand that nothing ever stays the same. Hunting has grown in popularity, and it shows with all the increased applications being submitted in the western states. Look at the increased demand for over-the- counter tags available in the West. A great example is Idaho’s over-the-counter deer and elk tags that went on sale December 1st. Most of us at Huntin’ Fool failed to get the archery elk tags we were after. All of the better Idaho deer and elk tags were sold out that first day. With all of the increased demand in draws and over-the- counter tags, hunters really need to plan to make sure they can get out in the field as much as their hunting schedule allows.

With the demand going up for draw tags, it is time to get more aggressive in applying in the states where you have a chance at drawing. If you can go on the hunt if you were to draw, always apply for the tag and don’t just build points. Also, never apply for points only for once-in-a-lifetime type tags as the draw odds are typically under 1%. If you have the points to force a tag, you may want think about drawing sooner rather than later as you don’t know if things will change in the future. If you need help developing a hunting or application strategy, now is a great time to use the Hunt Advisors. We work with a lot of members to develop the best strategy to go on more and better hunts.

With the draw results starting to come out, hopefully you have seen the word “Successful” next to your name. The Hanneman household has done well in drawing tags for 2021. I pulled a New Mexico 16D rifle elk tag, and my boy, Caleb, drew a Utah elk tag through the Hunt Expo in Utah. He has the late Dutton rifle tag, and we are planning on filming it for the Huntin’ Fool Youtube channel. When Huntin’ Fool decided to start filming, I honestly was not that excited to have my hunts filmed. However, after Brady filmed Connor’s Desert sheep hunt, I was hooked. It was a great way to share the hunt with family and friends. Last year, Brady followed us in the Montana wilderness for a bison hunt for my youngest boy, Colter. The thing I love the most about having these hunts filmed is that when my boys are older, they will be able to share them with their families.

Speaking of sharing memories, we love it when members send in their pictures and storyies for the magazine. You are part of the Huntin’ Fool community, and we all enjoy seeing and celebrating in your success. Good luck this season, and don’t forget to share your pictures and stories with us by sending them to or by uploading them to our website at