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July 2023
Author: Stanton Upson

‘Tis the season for opportunity hunts. In these next two issues, we will highlight some of the better opportunities to still get permits across the West. These hunts are in no way the cream of the crop in each state, although there are a few hunters who strike gold each year. Year in and year out, we take calls about where the “best” place to go is, but the answer is not that simple. Go somewhere you know or scout for a future hunt. Simply get out and have fun. Keep in mind that these hunts are ways to get in the field and gain boots-on-the-ground experience, from Colorado with unlimited archery over-the-counter antelope permits to a Utah spike elk hunt in the limited-entry elk unit you have been applying in for years. There are many options from antelope to elk if you are willing to go or even pick up a different weapon type. The best part is that all of these tags are easily attainable, so you might find a hunt you love and want to go back to every year or you might get spanked and all you’re out is your time and money. Either way, you can try somewhere new next year.

Besides these over-the-counter types of hunts, now is the time to point your attention to “reissued” permits. Each state has their own style in which they reissue the permits, from Nevada populating randomly through the day to Idaho and Colorado publishing a list and then having the permits go on sale at a later day. Each year, we talk to piles of close friends as well as multiple members who are lucky enough to not just get a deer permit, but in many cases, they get a tag-of-a-lifetime.

While it may be cliche to talk about in this opportunity hunts issue, it is also the time to make sure your gear is in order. Many brands from now until fall will see an uptick in demand, which may lead to some short supplies. Don’t get caught with your pants down and no wipes, if you know what I mean. Don’t forget to gear up with Gear Fool. We carry some great products from some of the best brands in the industry. Use the QR code below to access the Gear Fool store. For any questions or to create a tailormade shopping experience, give us a call at 435-263-0170.

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