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September 2022
Author: Braxton Byers

When you want to take the best-of-the-best to the next level, enter the Razor UHD. The Ultra High-Definition optical design features an improved optical prescription and unparalleled image resolution. Whether you need to pick apart a densely-packed hillside or observe the finest details at insanely close distances, the Razor UHD can do it all!

“I have been using the 18x56 binos for the last two years. They have become one of my favorite pieces for long days glassing. They make glassing all day so easy and way more comfortable than wearing an eyepatch to look through my spotter for the same amount of time. You will have to glass with these off of a tripod as they are too big to glass by hand and not built to do so. Setting these binos up on a tripod will greatly improve your time behind the glass and greatly increase your ability to locate and recognize specific game at longer distances. I truly believe Vortex hit the nail on the head with these great glassing binos, and the ability to keep the great clarity and sharpness in a pair of binos of this size is amazing.” – Braxton Byers, Outfitter Specialist and Hunt Advisor


·      18X Magnification

·      56 mm Objective Lens Diameter

·      18 mm Eye Relief

·      3.1 mm Exit Pupil

·      194/1000 Yards Linear Field of View

·      42.0 oz.

RETAIL: $2,000

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