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August 2023
Author: Stanton Upson

The Razor® HD 4000 GB is a handheld ballistic laser rangefinder that provides in-display ballistic solutions for long-range western hunters who need quick and accurate information in the palm of their hands for the ultimate confidence in their shot. Using an array of built- in environmental sensors in conjunction with the state-of-the-art GeoBallistics® solver and patented Vortex® Wind Bearing Capture Mode, the Razor® HD 4000 will raise your level of long-range shooting ability to a new height.

“It’s here! I am so glad to finally have a handheld rangefinder with ballistic capability from Vortex. They have been teasing us for a bit with the ballistics in the Fury rangefinding binoculars, but to finally have it in a rangefinding application with Razor glass is next level. At this price point, it is an absolute no brainer to have it in your pack.

The GeoBallistics app is very user-friendly to build and store multiple ballistic profiles. Another neat feature is that once your device is paired to your GeoBallistics app, you can control all the rangefinder settings, instead of toggling through the rangefinder menu. Designed for long-range shooters and hunters, the ability to acquire a target quickly with clear Razor glass and response time is definitely a game changer in multiple applications.
If you have been looking to get into the long-range game or are wanting to get rid of your dope charts, you need to take a serious look at the Razor HD 4000 GB.” – Stanton Upson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $1,199.99

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