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March 2021
Author: Austin Atkinson

Springfield Armory® has a storied history of building fine firearms for defense and competition. Now, our skilled gun makers set their sights on their next pursuit — the all-new Model 2020 family of premium American-made bolt action hunting rifles. The first in this new family of rifles is the Model 2020 WaypointTM, the result of years of engineering, testing, and evaluation, combined with premium grade components found on rifles costing thousands of dollars more. Proudly made in the USA, the Model 2020 Waypoint is built to deliver the accuracy and performance you should demand from a custom grade rifle.

Designed for the most demanding hunters, the Model 2020 Waypoint strikes a critical balance between lightweight and rugged durability. This is achieved through the use of a premium, hand-painted, 100% carbon fiber stock by AG Composites that is hand-laid and pillar bedded for precision and repeatability. The rifle is available with a fluted stainless steel barrel or a carbon fiber barrel in .308 Win, 6MM CM, 6.5 CM, or 6.5 PRC.

“I decided to jump on the 6.5 craze and selected the PRC caliber for my Springfield Armory rifle. The shorter barrel and lightweight stock brought this rifle in at just under 7 pounds before mounting the scope. With a few late season hunts in store, Braxton and I got it dialed using factory Hornady Precision Hunter ammo and took it to New Mexico for a couple of January hunts. The carbon fiber stock is extremely comfortable and fits well for quick target acquisition. I also appreciated the easily adjustable TriggerTech trigger. With one well-placed shot at 505 yards, Braxton took his first public land aoudad. I was also fortunate enough to use this rifle the following day to take my broken-horn oryx at 250 yards with one shot. Two rounds, two trophies in New Mexico. You will feel like you are handling and shooting a custom rifle with this new Model 2020 Waypoint, and with the low cost, you won’t regret trying one out today.” – Austin Atkinson, Hunt Advisor

$1,699-$1,825 stainless steel barrel
$2,275-$2,399 carbon fiber barrel

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