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November 2023
Author: Braxton Byers

The Chad Mendes Signature Bucket has all you need for your next hunt. It comes packed with three of each of his four signature meals – Backcountry Bison Bowl, Creamy Peaches and Oats, Bison Ranch Mashers, and Venison Country Casserole. 

“Every time I go into the mountains hunting or on a long hike, I always know I am going to come out starving no matter what I have packed with me. On the hike out, I start craving a hot, home-cooked meal. Nothing tastes like grandma’s home cooking, but dang Peak Refuel got as close as you can get with this new Chad Mendes Signature Bucket. These are his personal recipes, so they’re different than most options out there. I know guys, including myself, who eat these while sitting at home because they are so good. 

This bucket comes with the Backcountry Bison Bowl meal with 930 calories and hearty Creamy Peaches and Oats breakfast meal. I am sure everyone has already had the amazing Bison Ranch Mashers that are also included with this bucket. Even though it already has 40 grams of protein, I like to eat these as a side dish with some fresh wild game, like a backstrap steak. The Venison Country Casserole is still one of my favorites and usually the one I am digging for first out of the bucket. 

I am not sure how Peak is making such amazing meals in a bag, but they can for sure make a hard, disappointing hunt turn around and be enjoyable for about 10 minutes. I personally only take Peak to the field when I go, and if you’ve tried them, you probably do too.” – Braxton Byers, Hunt Advisor 

MSRP: Chad Mendes Signature Bucket – $179.99 

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