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March 2023
Author: Austin Atkinson

The Ibex Mini is an ultra-lightweight, ultra-sharp, and ultra- strong titanium replaceable blade knife. Weighing in at just .634 oz. or 18 grams, this knife will be sure to make it into your kill kit. The Ibex Mini will accommodate 60A or 60XT blades. This knife can accept bits to fix or repair anything in the backcountry with the 1/4" drive hole.


·      0.63 ounces

·      5 5/8" long Titanium

·      1/4" drive hex cut out

“Since the mainstream launch of replaceable scalpel blade knives, I’ve been a user of nearly every foldable and fixed handle option on the hunting market. I am not one to carry more than one knife in the field and definitely not a sharpener. While at first I thought I wanted a larger handle that filled more of my hand, it became apparent that I could be quicker and more precise with a longer, thin handle that did not flex or feel bulky in my cutting hand. When the Capra Hunter handle was released from Goat Knives, I gave it a shot and knew that the space and weight savings would be perfect for my kill kit.

Fast forward to 2022 when the Ibex Mini was released, and, I admit, I was skeptical at first about the even smaller dimensions and featherlike weight of this titanium handle. At less than an ounce, how could it be all that I needed? However, after using it to skin and cape multiple grizzly bears, Dall sheep, mountain goats, bull elk, mule deer, and antelope this past season, I’m sold! You will almost forget that it is in your kill kit, giving you more room for extra blades and nitrile gloves. I especially love the precision that you can achieve while caping around horn and antler bases. If you’re considering upgrading your kit to a simpler and lighter option, this is it.” – Austin Atkinson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $105

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