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April 2021
Author: Jerrod Lile

From glassing to providing the stability you need to shoot long range, the all-new lineup of tripods from Vortex® is sure to excite outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. The new line has been reimagined from the ground up to provide premium, precision tools that integrate flawlessly into your outdoor pursuits. The new lineup includes the Radian Carbon, Ridgeview Carbon, Summit Carbon II, and High Country II.

“It seems like I have a slightly different tripod preference on every hunt. Sometimes I want the smallest, lightest solution I can find, and on other trips, I want a tripod that has every bell and whistle money can buy. However, in all cases, I expect a tripod to have tight, dependable connections throughout. Vortex’s new high-end tripod lineup provides a solution for pretty much any occasion, and they’ve done it on a foundation that won’t wiggle in the moment of truth.

I had the privilege of testing the small, compact Summit Carbon II and the larger Ridgeview Carbon tripods on a recent hunt. While these tripods are very different, they share a common foundation that makes them both top considerations for hunters. Both tripods are incredibly lightweight due to their carbon construction and both feature ergonomic twist-lock leg sections that are easily loosened and tightened to achieve the perfect height quickly and easily. One of my favorite features was the toggle style switch that allowed the legs to move from the standard position to gradually wider positions with virtually zero effort, with or without gloves. This is hands down the easiest tripod I’ve ever used when it comes to adjusting the angle of the individual legs.

Both tripods also feature a two-way pan head design that is managed with a single twist- lock lever that many tripods have. I prefer a fluid head with independent tilt and pan locks, but these features do add weight, so I understand where Vortex is coming from. If you’re looking for the lightest, most compact contender in the backpacking category, the Summit II deserves a hard look, or, if you’re looking for a full-height tripod that’s incredibly lightweight and compact, the Ridgeview Carbon will accommodate the tallest of glassers on any terrain, while retaining the feel of a backpack worthy tripod.” – Jerrod Lile, CEO & Hunt Advisor

MSRP: Ridgeview Carbon Tripod Kit - $649.99, Summit Carbon II Tripod Kit - $549.99

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