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March 2021

Hornady® has introduced the fast and easy-to-load Bore DriverTM FTX® for the ultimate in muzzleloader performance. Rather than a sabot, the Bore DriverTM FTX® has a polymer base, which seals the bore to deliver maximum energy transfer and accuracy. The absence of a sabot allows Bore DriverTM FTX® to seat quickly and easily for shot-after-shot performance.
A post in the performance-boosting base fits into the bottom of the bullet and swells at ignition for better torque engagement. Centering petals grip the bullet’s boattail while the base engages the rifling to maximize energy transmission. Atop the polymer base, the 50-caliber FTX® bullet features a rugged gilding metal jacket that, coupled with patented FlexTip® technology and an InterLock® ring, delivers maximum lethality.
The tough copper alloy jacket delivers deep penetration and expansion while the InterLock® ring helps retain bullet weight upon impact. The FlexTip® of the FTX® bullet initiates expansion even at low velocities for enhanced terminal performance.
MSRP: $28.33
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