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April 2024
Author: Austin Atkinson

For those who recall hunting in the late 1990s, the sight of Polaris’ light green Sportsman 500 ATVs was synonymous with adventure and hunting. These were the days preceding the market domination of side-by-side UTVs, a time when an ATV wasn’t just an accessory, it was an essential part of the hunting experience. Polaris, a trailblazer in the industry, improved our outdoor pursuits with the introduction of automatic transmission ATVs, a move that left a lasting imprint on the outdoor community.

Fast forward to today, and Polaris Off- Road’s lineup, featuring models ranging from 450 to 1000 cc, continues to command the trails with authority. However, my recent experience with the Sportsman 570 EPS edition has led me to a valuable insight – a bigger engine isn’t always necessary. This past winter, the Sportsman 570 offered me a perfect solution of size and power for my hunting expeditions, striking an ideal balance that challenges the necessity of larger engines and more horsepower.

From the moment I revved the engine, the Sportsman defied my expectations. Its 570 cc heart, along with Polaris’ refined automatic transmission, delivers power quickly and efficiently to the ground, no matter if it was mud, snow, or dry-rutted trails. When put head-to-head with a similarly equipped competitor, the Sportsman 570 emerged ahead, showcasing quick acceleration and top speeds across all trails where I used it.

Power is just part of the equation, though. I remember back in my early days in Arizona going to Glamis sand dunes to ride ATVs each month; low gear ratios and bottom end power were the keys to win the race up the hill or down the drag strip. However, ride comfort and suspension were often pushed off of the priority list and we were left with rough rides across the sand dune ruts. Now I ride this Polaris ATV over rough terrain, rocks, and dips without the jarring experiences of solid axle suspensions. You won’t have to deflate your tires for a smooth ride here. The smoothness that must be felt to be believed will make the roads and uneven trails a breeze, a true testament to Polaris’ commitment to comfort and handling.

The Polaris Sportsman 570 stands as a staple to the brand’s legacy and its commitment to provide sport machines that will be revered by hunters everywhere. Whether you’re a veteran of the trail or a newcomer seeking reliability and performance in a one-seat ATV, the Sportsman 570 EPS edition is ready to exceed expectations, offering an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is smooth.

For more information, go to www.polaris. com/en-us/off-road/sportsman/models/sportsman-570/.