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September 2023

The Canyon Pounder is the newest addition to the Sight Line from Option Archery. Dan Evans designed this sight specifically for the archer who prefers a traditional “scope” sight picture with a single pin that is always centered in the housing. This model, like all Option Sight models, features Dan’s patented “flip out of view” fixed pins that are available on a moment’s notice. As the name implies, the Canyon Pounder is designed to make practice at extreme ranges attainable with 1.75" of total vertical travel and a second surface sight tape that can be used to reference the bottom fixed pin (or a second arrow configuration), effectively giving another 1/2"+ of travel. All adjustments and leveling capabilities are built-in with unbelievable machining precision and over-built to a level that will handle anything we can throw at it. Also, for added insurance, it’s covered by a lifetime Bumper to Bumper warranty, and it’s 100% made in the USA!

  • Standard Extension Mount
  • Direct Mount
  • Bridge-Lock Mount
  • Pic Rail Mount
MSRP: $575-$695, depending on configuration and customization
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