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September 2021
Author: Isaiah Joner

The 2021 V3 is a stealthy, agile rig that has never met a situation it can’t handle. Offered in 27" ATA for ultimate agility in tight spaces or 31" ATA for maximum stability, the V3 gives hunters a compact rig without compromising Mathews’ industry-leading accuracy. Both share a 6" brace height and deliver speeds up to 342 fps. The new Centerguard system places the roller guard in the true center of the bow, resulting in optimal cam timing to maximize tunability while also adding additional vane clearance. Stability is the key to accuracy – taking a strategic approach to the riser design led to a platform that cut weight while maximizing length and rigidity in critical areas.

“Every year when Mathews releases a new bow, I always wonder how much they can actually improve from the previous year. If you have not picked up the new Mathews V3, you will be happy to know that once again their engineers hit it out of the park. They have tweaked a lot of little things on this bow to make a big difference overall.

After spending time shooting at a couple Total Archery Challenges with the V3, I can honestly say Mathews has designed a bow that will fit most types of hunters. With the new riser design, the bow is compact but shoots more like a bow with a loner ATA. The bow holds super stable in your hand, which will help you make an accurate shot when it matters. The valley is not super deep at full draw, so the bow feels like it is ready to go. I have come to like this as it helps me keep pressure through my shot.

The biggest change I have noticed is how quiet the bow is at the shot. Mathews has always been known to make bows that are extremely quiet, but I feel like this one is next level. The V3 is equipped with the new Nano 740 damper which eliminates noise and vibration, so regardless of the hunting situation you are in, you can rest assured that your shot will be nearly silent.

I am eager to hit the hills this fall with the compact V3 and feel confident in this quiet, lightweight setup that will work well for me whether I’m hunting out of a ground blind or packing into the backcountry.” – Isaiah Joner, Outfitter Specialist & Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $1,199

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