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July 2021
Author: Isaiah Joner

Hilleberg’s Yellow Label Helags 3 is the ultimate three-person backpacking tent for any snow- free time of year. It offers two vestibules, a spacious interior with vertical ends and near vertical side walls, and a generous inner tent height. Curved, catenary patterning on the outer tent walls combined with large, all-mesh inner tent doors provide constant air circulation. The Helags 3 has linked but separable inner and outer tents for both quick, simultaneous pitching. Both the inner tent and the outer tent can each be used on its own, and the linking system between the two allows you to unbutton part or all of the inner tent, creating a large, covered space that is ideal for group gathering. It is built with Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric, offering an 8 kg/17.5 lb. tear strength, and DAC NSL 9 mm poles.

“As a backpack hunter, I am always looking for ways to lighten my pack before heading out on my next adventure. I think for a lot of individuals, they start by cutting weight from their shelter system because it is one of the bigger, bulkier items most people will carry. I have spent a few sleepless nights on the mountain that could have been avoided if I would have had a proper shelter. Always consider that Mother Nature often does the unexpected and can put you in a bad situation if you are not prepared.

After using it on a scouting trip this spring, the Hilleberg Helags 3 is quickly becoming a tent that has my full attention. Coming in at just over 5 lbs., it is very light, comfortable, and well built. It will sleep three comfortably, and with only two people, it offers a generous amount of room for both individuals and gear. The streamlined tunnel design makes it quick and easy to pitch and take down, which is a big advantage for those who like to roam. Five pounds is pretty lightweight considering how much tent you are getting, but they did not sacrifice build quality at all. Every joint, zipper, and sleeve is durable enough to ensure that this will be a tent that will last. The elevated sides on the outer shell provide good airflow but sit low enough around the bathtub style floor to shelter you from any unexpected passing storms. If you are looking to hit the hills anytime from early spring to mid fall, I think the three-season Helgas 3 is a tent you should consider.” – Isaiah Joner, Outfitter Specialist and Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $1,065

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