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September 2023

AOT’s new magnetic mounts allow users to mount their handheld releases onto their bow. The mounts are designed to allow the shooter instant access in hunting situations. The release is held onto the mount by two powerful magnets. This allows the shooter to quickly remove or place the release back into the mount without any hassle. There is a lever-locking mechanism that once turned prevents the release from being dislodged from the mount. The lever is held in place by friction. The tension on the lever can be adjusted with an Allen and a socket or wrench.

  • B3
  • Carter Enterprises/NockonArchery
  • Hot Shot Archery
  • Scott
  • Spot Hogg
  • Stan
  • TruBall
  • Tru-Fire
  • Ultraview Archery
MSRP: $65-$75
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