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April 2024

New for 2024, the AllTerra-XTM by AllTerra Arms is the result of 18 months of research and development to blend the gap between the shooter comfort ergonomics and features of a tactical rifle with the lightweight packability associated with streamlined hunting rifles. Their goal was exceeded, with AllTerra-X coming in even lighter than their flagship Mountain ShadowTM rifle models. Enjoy the comforts of an adjustable negative comb, vertical textured grip, flush forend pic rail, and optional forend ARCA accessories. This rifle is as at home in the mountains as it is on the 1,000-yard range.
The AllTerra-X rifle features AllTerra’s patented Bolt-to-Bore AlignmentTM and Dual-Tenon Barrel ConnectionTM for exact concentricity and patented No-Fail CyclingTM for guaranteed field operation. AllTerra prides themselves on their vertically integrated operation which allows them to manufacture their shooting systems in-house, versus sourcing components to assemble like most other gun builders. Every AllTerra is thoroughly range-tested to ensure their performance guarantee, with hunt-ready long range options including optics, ammunition, and ballistics available.
MSRP: Starting at $6,999
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