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February 2024
Story by Hezekiah Carrasco
State: New Mexico
Species: Deer - Coues

It was the New Mexico hunt and I hadn’t been drawn for anything, so I waited and then picked up a leftover open sight muzzleloader Coues deer tag. We didn’t have too high of hopes of a giant buck since we did not have the scopes on the muzzleloader.

It was a warm hunt, and we had seen a lot of bucks but nothing worth going after. Then, on the 29th, we saw this buck and my brother shot at another buck that was with him. He missed, but “Jumbo” jumped up and I knew he was worth coming back the next day to try and find.

We hunted the morning and had jumped one smaller buck, and then we went back to where my brother had shot the day before. We started walking and jumped a buck in the creek. He took off, and I had a shot at him. I knew he was a buck, but little did I know he was Jumbo. I dropped him in his tracks, and when we walked up to him, he was done. I was very surprised with the mass and character he had. He was truly a great buck.