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Argentina Dove, Pigeon, Perdiz & Duck Hunting

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Season Dates:
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Dove, Duck, Partridge
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1, Group, Corporate Groups, Guided
Argentina, South America
Trip Methods:
Ground Blind
4 Days, 5 Days

This family owned hunting operation is located in the province of La Pampa, Argentina. This is some of the most amazing country and terrain you'll set foot on, with amazing wingshooting opportunities. All of their wingshooting places are part of their family owned ranches, and it is stated that La Pampa wingshooting is quickly becoming the world's wingshooting hot-spot!

This province offers the same dove quality as Cordoba, but with premium high volume Pigeons, Partridges, and premium Big Game. This outfitter has selected a circuit of seven ranches specially prepared for Pigeon, Dove & Partridge hunting. Their duck-hunting locations are coordinated with a Partner Lodge located in the Buenos Aires Province, and the reason for this choice is that it's a famous Duck Hunting location that you have to experience to appreciate. The duck hunting lodge is located 3-4 hrs by vehicle from their Ranches.

All hunting is coordinated and conducted according to the preferences of their guests, including lunch service in the field in order to minimize any disruption to the hunt. They offer personalized professional guides equipped with 4×4 vehicles, GPS and radio communications equipment.

Generally, mid-March through mid-August is called the "High Season" because it is their Fall and Winter, and the VARIETY of wingshooting that you can do includes not only doves, but ducks, pigeons, and perdiz – all the bird hunting opportunities. You will easily shoot over 1,000 shells per day hunting Pigeons and Doves, and there is always availability of shotguns and shells to fully enjoy the adventure. If you would like to not only experience wingshooting, you can also go for a mixed-bag hunt. A Pigeon, Dove, Partridge, Ducks, and Big Game hunting all during the same hunt! They offfer big game hunting packages for Red Stag and 13 additional species.

Accommodations are world class and the lodges have been totally refurnished and prepared to accommodate clients. They can accommodate up to 8 Hunters with companions at a time. Accommodations consist of a main lodge house with 2 private suite rooms, a living room & main dining room with fireplace, 2 fully equipped bungalows each with 2 private suite rooms and private hall room for your hunting gear & preparation, a separate club house consisting of a large living room with fireplace and a lovely bar saloon which tends to be the spot for late hours reunions and post hunt appetizers.

They also have an area for gun cleaning with an office that has a wireless internet access point and patch cords access, along with a desktop PC at no charge.

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Field Preparation of Trophies, Lodging, Meals, Tag(s), Taxes, Trip Transportation, Wifi
Airport Pickup and Dropoff, Ammunition, Car Rental, Firearm Permit, Gratuities, License, Misc. Gov. Fees, Trophy Expediting/Handling, Trophy Exportation (Logistics and Handling), Weapon

Option #1

$3,400.00 4 Days Guided
5-nights / 4 days hunting

Option #2

$4,200.00 5 Days Guided
6-nights / 5 days hunting



  • Doves: Year Round
  • Pigeons: April - October
  • Ducks: April - August
  • Perdiz: May - August

  • Rainbow & Brown Trout: November - May
  • Sea-Run Trout: November - April
  • Golden Dorado: Year Round

  • Red Stag: March - August
  • Blackbuck: Year Round
  • Water Buffalo: Year Round
  • Axis Deer: May - December
  • Fallow Deer: March - June
  • Mouflon Sheep: Year Round
  • Wild Boar: Year Round
  • Exotic Sheep and Goat: Year Round

Their staff includes a chef fully dedicated to prepare delicious home-style and international meals & desserts, and they have a private wine and beer selection that will always be available at no extra charge.