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Louisiana Trophy Alligator Hunts

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Season Dates:
September, October
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1, Group
Louisiana, United States of America
Any Weapon, Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle, Crossbow
Trip Methods:
Boat, Hook & Line, Spot and Stalk
3 Days
Cabin, Houseboat

If Alligator hunting is on the agenda, this Louisiana outfitter's operation is as good as it gets. The HFA team has hunted with this outfitter and had great success!

In Louisiana, alligators inhabit lakes, ponds, bayous, canals and swamps, but mostly the coastal marshes of the South. They hunt different times of the day depending on the type of adventure you’re looking for. It comes down to the particular body of water you will be hunting, the weather, etc. Hunts are offered for (Single Hunters, Duo's, and Groups), and you can choose to hunt on open water using a spot and stalk method with a rifle, or hook and line (like a trap-line). No matter the method, Louisiana is loaded with gators and when you get the opportunity to hunt with someone that truly knows what they're doing like this outfitter does, it's going to find its way to the very top of your list.

The first of the two methods this outfitter like to use if the hook and line method, where chicken meat is used as bait and hangs out over the water. You and the outfitter set each hook and line and then you make the rounds to check regularly for activity. Once a gator is caught on the hook, they are shot and pulled in by hand into the boat. The whole experience from start to finish is adrenaline rushing and exciting.

The second method this outfitter like to use besides the hook and line method, is to shoot alligators in open water. In Louisiana it’s legal to spot-and-stalk gators and shoot them with a centerfire rifle. Accuracy is the key and you have to hit a specific spot on the gator’s head that’s located between the eyes. It’s about the size of a quarter, and if you miss, it’s bye bye alligator.

Lodging consists of houseboats, cabins, lakeside houses, etc. It's all dependent on the location you'll be hunting. You will be comfortable no matter where you stay with nice beds, air conditioning, wifi, and a comfortable atmosphere. The meals are all great and there's no corners skipped when it comes to quantity. You won't be hungry and you'll also be able to try out some great Southern Louisiana specialty dishes.

Tags are included in the hunts, and the outfitter can assist with your license upon arrival. Trophy care/assistance will be provided by the outfitter and field dressing and prep is also included. Nothing is wasted! The hide, meat and skull are utilized in all capacities whether you want them or not! The outfitter has great relationships with local taxidermists for any trophy needs.

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Boat, Field Preparation of Trophies, Lodging, Meals, Tag(s), Weapon
Airport Pickup and Dropoff, Car Rental, Gratuities, License

Option #1

$3,000.00 3 Days 1 on 1, Group
  • 8-foot guarantee
  • $500 for every additional Trophy Gator
  • All Gators under 8-feet are FREE
  • 10 Spots Per Year
  • Landowner Tag is provided

Option #2 - Parent / Child Duo Hunt

$4,500.00 3 Days 2 on 1, Group
  • $3,000 for Parent and $1,500 for Child (Under 16 Years of Age)
  • 8-foot guarantee
  • $500 for every additional Trophy Gator
  • All Gators under 8-feet are FREE
  • 10 Spots Per Year
  • Landowner Tag is provided


Option #3 - Super Trophy Hunt

$5,000.00 3 Days 1 on 1, Group
  • 10-foot guarantee
  • Long range shots are possible
  • Starts in September
  • Landowner tag provided
  • Tree-Stands and or Trees are used to set up on them