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Barren Ground Muskox Hunt in the Arctic Circle

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Season Dates:
August, September, October
Muskox-Barren Ground
Guide Ratio:
Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
Nunavut, Canada
Archery, Rifle
Trip Methods:
ATV/UTV, Boat, Hiking, Spot and Stalk
5 Days
Easy Moderate
Comfortable Tent Camp
Additional Species:
Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou, Wolf, Wolverine

Experience the Arctic Adventure of a Lifetime! This outfitter has been operating in the North for over 25 years and has established deep-rooted relationships with the local indigenous people. Successfully providing excursions for clients for two and a half decades, this outfitter has the arctic covered when it comes to hunting the numerous species the land provides. They offer guided hunts for Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou, Muskox, Arctic Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear, Wolf, and Wolverine. This particular hunt profile is outlining Barren Ground Muskox.

This area is in high demand for hunters all across the globe, especially those pursuing the North America Super Slam. This outfitter has played a part in many super slam hunts over the years and understands how important it is for these trips to be successful. On this hunt you have the opportunity to harvest a Barren Ground Muskox and a Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou. See pricing for more details.

This is a true step into the pristine wilderness of Nunavut and embark on an unforgettable muskox and caribou hunting expedition! The Barren Ground Muskox is an iconic species of the Arctic, known for its massive size, thick woolly coat, and distinctive curved horns. Hunting these majestic animals allows hunters to pursue a species that is not only rare but also deeply connected to the Arctic landscape. Muskox hunting offers hunters the opportunity to immerse themselves in the raw beauty of the Arctic wilderness, surrounded by vast expanses of snow-covered landscapes and dramatic icy vistas. It's a chance to disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with nature in its purest form. Muskox and caribou hunting in Nunavut provides a unique cultural experience, allowing hunters to learn about the traditions and lifestyles of the indigenous Inuit people who have inhabited the region for thousands of years. Hunters can gain insight into the rich cultural heritage of the Arctic and forge meaningful connections with local communities.

The pursuit is performed by way of vehicles and boats, but primarily by boat. Locating Muskox each day, you will be able to search out the trophy that meets your standards, and then the stock is on. Larger boats are used to navigate the shorelines and inlets, and once muskox are spotted, smaller skiff's are detached and used to move into the shoreline and through more shallow waters. To date, hunters have been 100% successful on caribou hunts. This hunting adventure isn't just about the hunt though! It's also about making a positive impact on local communities. By booking with indigenous guides and outfitters, you're supporting sustainable economic development and helping preserve traditional ways of life. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or embarking on your first expedition, the muskox and caribou hunting in Nunavut promises unforgettable moments and stories to last a lifetime.

As stewards of the land, this outfitter recognizes the importance of responsible hunting practices and conservation efforts. By participating in sustainable harvests and respecting caribou habitat, we all ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Arctic wilderness.


Price includes, One Muskox tag, Guide 1 x 1, Airfare from Winnipeg to hunt community and return, 5 full days of hunting + 2 traveling days, Transportation during the hunt (boat or all-terrain vehicle/ATV), Accommodations before, during and after the hunt (except when travel delayed due to weather), Hunting license and trophy fee, All legal export documents, First preparation of the skin (skinning and freezing/salting), Taxes

Price does not include the trophy fee on Wolf & Wolverine $2500 US each, Tag fee Wolf & Wolverine $500 each, Accommodations and meals in Winnipeg, Accommodation in hunt community due to delays caused by inclement weather, International flight from your location to Winnipeg, Transportation fee of the trophies to Winnipeg/Montreal & International, Notarized invitation for Visa, if necessary ($150 Can), Taxidermy, Rental of a rifle, if needed ($450 Can including bullets), and Gratuities.

Join this outfitter in the heart of Nunavut for an amazing muskox and caribou hunting adventure that combines tradition, adventure, and conservation. Book your hunt today and experience the magic of the Arctic like never before!

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Field Preparation of Trophies, Flight(s), Guide, License, Lodging, Meals, Sleeping Pad, Tag(s), Taxes, Trip Transportation, Trophy Exportation (Logistics and Handling)
Accomm. Away from Lodge/Camp, Delivery of Trophy to Taxidermist, Gratuities, International Flight(s), Trophy Fees (Killed or Wounded), Trophy Shipment, Weapon Rental

Option #1

$18,500.00 5 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
  • One Muskox
  • August/September Hunt

Option #2

$23,500.00 5 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
  • Muskox/Caribou Combo
  • August / September Hunt

  • Rifle Rental: $350
  • Wolf and Wolverine Tag: $500 (each)

Wolf $2,500.00

Due upon harvest

Wolverine $2,500.00

Due upon harvest