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Idaho Mountain Goat Hunting


Idaho Mountain Goat Hunting

Idaho mountain goat populations are small and scattered throughout the central Idaho wilderness as well as in the Panhandle, Hells Canyon, and the Snake River range. This year, there have been quota changes made to half of Idaho’s mountain goat hunts, resulting in a net loss of three tags statewide for the upcoming season. There will be 41 mountain goat permits available spread out over 20 different units, with up to four of these being issued to non-residents. In 2020, the odds for most units across the state were around 2% with 237 non-residents applying for those four permits. For 2021, a few unit boundaries have been changed. 2021’s unit 7 replaces and expands the boundary of what was unit 9 was last year, and unit 36-1’s boundary was extended to the south. Idaho mostly produces average mountain goats, but there are a handful of great goats taken every year. Statewide success rates remain high, and in 2020, 91% of Idaho’s goat hunters were successful on their hunt. For the most part, the better goats come from the units we have listed as our top units. If you are looking for a great goat, stay with our top picks, but if you just want a good representative, there are plenty of options for you in Idaho. Units like 10-1, 10-2, 22, 37A, and 67 can be less physical hunts as goats can sometimes be glassed from access roads. With the exception of 37A, all of these hunts offer good trophy potential as well. If you’re looking for a more physical hunt, units 18, 27, and 36-1 can be brutal backpack type hunts.

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Unit 18 is one of the top hunts in the state. Goat hunters have had 100% success in filling their permits since 2015, with 83% of the goats harvested over that span being billies. There are usually a few 10” goats available in this unit. Another great hunt is 36B. This is Idaho’s longest running goat hunt with 100% success rates. For the past 13 years, every hunter on the unit has come home with a goat. While there are other areas that will provide a better chance at surpassing the 10" mark, this is a great hunt for a big, mature billy that will score in the upper 40s. Unit 22 continues to be a great hunt as well and offers Boone and Crockett potential. Four out of the last 12 billies harvested in area 22 have hit the 10” mark, and most hunters spend two to four days in the field to fill their permits on a billy. In 2019, IDFG reopened a hunt in area 51. This hunt had been closed since 2012, and hunters have done well here over the past two seasons. All four hunters harvested a billy, and three of those were 9 1/2” or better.

Idaho Mountain Goat Draw

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As is the case with all of Idaho’s once-in-a-lifetime species, applying for mountain goat in the Gem State isn’t cheap, especially after the price increases for 2021. Non-resident applicants will now have to front almost $3,000 to apply, and if unsuccessful in drawing, they will be out $330.78 after their refund. If you can justify these costs, Idaho is about as good as it gets for non-resident draw odds. If a goat hunt is on your hunting bucket list, you should be looking hard at putting your name in the hat.

Idaho Mt. Goat Season Dates

For specific units and season dates, please check the current regulations brochure.

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Private Land, Semi-Guided, and Guided Mountain Goat Hunts in Idaho

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Application Dates for Mountain Goat in Idaho

The Idaho Mountain Goat application deadline is April 30, 2021.

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Idaho Non-Resident Mountain Goat Hunting Fees

Adult Up-Front Fees
Annual Hunting License and Access Fee $195 Non-refundable
Trophy Species Application Fee $45.75 Non-refundable
Online and Phone Application Processing Fee $90.03 Non-refundable
Mountain Goat Permit $2,626.75 Refunded if unsuccessful
Adult Application Subtotal $2,957.53 $330.78 total non-refundable
Youth Up-Front Fees
Annual Hunting License and Access Fee $95.75 Non-refundable
Trophy Species Application Fee $45.75 Non-refundable
Online and Phone Application Processing Fee $87.05 Non-refundable
Mountain Goat Permit $2,626.75 Refunded if unsuccessful
Youth Applicant Subtotal $2,855.30 $228.55 total non-refundable


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