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Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting


Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting

*Guide Required* Mountain goat populations are spread across the south central and southeastern portions of Alaska. All goat hunts are managed through the draw or registration process to limit hunting pressure and keep populations in check. If you are looking for a long-haired goat, look at one of the hunts that falls further into the calendar year or closer to the Pacific coastline where hair length is primed earlier for winter. However, be prepared for the potential of some unpredictable Alaska weather if you decide to push your luck and go late in the season. Before considering the mountain goat draw/registration hunts and to narrow down your hunting options, it’s a good idea to work out those specifics with the outfitter of your choice. Our Hunt Advisors can help select an outfitter for you.

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Alaska Mountain Goat Season Dates

Keep in mind that although there are no general season hunts for mountain goat, most units will have open registration hunts, which are essentially over-the-counter hunts with emergency closure protocols to manage these hunts on the fly. Some hunts will not open depending on the harvest success and population estimates following the preceding draw hunt seasons and/or surveys. All draw hunts in unit 7 will have registration-only hunts that may open following the draw hunts with season dates of November 1-14 for those who dare brave the late season weather.

For specific dates and units please visit the Alaska ADFG

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Many hunters have heard stories about the two goats per hunter hunt on Kodiak Island. This unique open registration hunt focuses on the southern half of the island outside of the primary goat habitat. The season dates run August through March, and it is a hunt that should be on your radar IF you have a resident kindred relative who is in Alaska and can go hunt with you. Otherwise, you might as well forget about this hunt as non-resident hunters are required to hire a guide-outfitter and at this time we are not aware of any outfitters offering these hunts to non-residents.

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Guided Mountain Goat Hunts in Alaska

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Application Dates for Mountain Goat in Alaska

Alaska’s application deadline is 5 P.M. (AKST) on December 15, 2023.

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Alaska Non-Resident Mountain Goat Hunting Fees

2023-2024 Alaska Non-Resident Fees.
Annual Hunting License $160
Application Fee (each choice) $5
Application Fee (each choice, bison and muskox) $10
LOCKING-TAG FEES (Purchase Before Hunt)  
Dall Sheep Tag (Guide Required) $850
Brown/Grizzly Bear Tag (Guide Required) $1,000
Moose Tag $800
Mountain Goat Tag (Guide Required) $600
Bison Tag $900
Muskox Tag $2,200
Elk Tag $600
Deer Tag $300
Caribou Tag $650
Black Bear Tag $450
Wolf Tag $60
Wolverine Tag $350


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