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"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will, take the shot....and make it."


Huntin' Fool Adventures Outfitter Specialist

I had an almost unexplainable desire to catch fish as a child in rural Minnesota. Family often reminded that fishing is not the only thing in life. They were right of course because my life changed one early morning while riding my bike past a local tavern that served as a deer check station. I stood slumped over the handlebars while watching orange clad hunters register their deer. From the moment I laid eyes on the first big whitetail it was over, hunting became more important than fishing. 

Joining the Army in 1996 I vowed that somehow, I would make it to Alaska. In 2002 my life’s dream came true and I was stationed at Ft Richardson Alaska. Just as the first whitetail had impacted me, Alaska sunk her claws deep, I knew I coulId never leave. Along with my wife Michelle and son Teegan we have carved out an amazing life and Alaska continues to captivate me. 

Owning an airplane has allowed me to explore the backcountry in a way I never thought possible. Now recently retired from service, I am spending more time in the far reaches of this great land. I wander outside Alaska to hunt most years but Alaska is home. All of these experiences have shaped my life in a way that fits the Huntin’ Fool family. I feel like the kid slumped over the handlebars again, boiling with excitement on what is to come.