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Why You Need a Professional Advisor

December 2023
Author: Josh Harris

At Huntin’ Fool Adventures (HFA), we have a team of expert advisors who are full-time. Our advisors are professionals, and expectations are high! They have been hand-picked from all across the globe. We have head-hunted these individuals because of their expertise and qualifications. They are professional big game hunting, wingshooting, fishing, and adventure specialists who are specialized professionals and assist clients in planning, organizing, and coordinating outdoor trips. These agents or “advisors” have expertise primarily in the hunting and/or fishing industries, including knowledge of various outfitters, destinations,

opportunities, seasons, regulations, etc. Their main role is to act as an intermediary between clients (hunters and anglers) and service providers (such as outfitters, guides, lodges, landowners, and/or other suppliers) to create a seamless, efficient, professional, and enjoyable experience. They have been there and done that, and they know what it takes to provide an overall experience that justifies the dollars and time spent. I personally would book with any of our advisors, and I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep.

Knowledge is the key, and clients have to feel comfortable with their advisor(s). This comes with a lot of pressure to remain “on your game” as an advisor in all aspects of the job and title. This includes gear, areas, outfitters, current data and statistics, knowledge on trips and hunts, and the list goes on and on. A reputable advisor in this industry has to be a student of his or her business and be as dialed in as possible. We spend thousands of hours a year researching outfitters and their backgrounds, history, and track records. We also spend countless hours on the phone with outfitters, with others who have experienced their operations, as well as our own personal “boots-on- the ground” time in the field, and/or in meetings. We spend time inspecting outfitter operations and working out details, including requisites, costs, limitations, licenses, travel, etc. For this reason, in the fall, we may be hard to connect with, but as soon as the bulk of the hunts are completed, you can bet that our entire team is back in the office. If and when our advisors aren’t available, we have a fully staffed team of qualified administrative team members who are absolute rock stars! They are always available during business hours, and in most cases, they can assist our clients on the spot with any needs requested. Don’t underestimate these individuals. In a lot of cases, they know just as much as the advisors, as they are the ones who are processing all of the details for each booking. They get it done, and we couldn’t do what we do without them.

There’s no possible way that a person who doesn’t do this full time can afford the necessary time it takes to locate qualified hunts and/or trips. It takes a full-time advisor, and in our case, a team of advisors, working year-round to stay on the “up and up” with outfitters, hunts, tags, opportunities, etc. We live, eat, and breathe it because that’s what it takes! We are always in the process of looking for good trips and outfitters, reading thousands of articles and pages on trips and hunts, inspecting trips, remaining apprised of outfitters’ current situations, any violations, evaluating existing trips, reviewing tips and leads from clients and friends, reviewing post-trip reports sent to us from our clients, talking with outfitters and their references, and working out the details on hundreds of existing and new trips. While there’s no guarantee, and I want to be clear about that, booking your trip through a professional HFA advisor will certainly increase your odds. We’re not in a position to be in control of exactly what happens on your trip, but we know the outfitters and their operations, and we’re learning more every day. Even the best of the best out there can and will fail to get you your trophy, but it’s important to remember that the advisor is working to stack the odds on your side and put you in the best position possible.

I want to get more specific now on the main key points, roles, and benefits of a professional booking advisor and outline in more detail what it is that we do as well as the advantages that come by way of booking through one of our advisors.


We want and need to know what it is that you want and can do. When you call an advisor, he or she will find out what your interests are. Everything you discuss is entered into our company software, and if we have something available at the moment, it will be discussed and presented. Our advisors will ask you about realistic expectations of the trip and trophy, your budget, your abilities, your challenges, your physical conditioning status, etc. When a client is speaking with an outfitter directly, they’re going to naturally hit on all the highlights of the trip that is being offered. As the outfitter should, they are going to do their best to sell their specific opportunity. On the flip-side, our advisors’ key role is to steer you in a direction that is best suited for you. We do this with an unbiased approach to every booking, keeping you as the primary focus. We have a lot of options, so let us help you back into the best opportunity possible.


Our advisors are professionals who specialize in our specific industry. They have extensive knowledge and can help our clients navigate the complexities and nuances of the booking process, ensuring you are booking with the right outfitter, in the right location, and for the experience you’re after.


Booking a hunt or trip and spending your dollars wisely is paramount. This part can be time-consuming and overwhelming, and a booking agent can handle all the details, allowing you to focus on other important things. We can tailor your trip to your specific needs and preferences. Instead of spending time trying to piece together different things, you can communicate your desires, requests, limitations, and requirements to us and we will work to provide the best solutions for you. By delegating this responsibility to one of our advisors, you can free up your time to focus on other important tasks or aspects of your personal and/or professional life.


For a successful hunting or fishing experience, having knowledgeable guides and outfitters is crucial. We connect clients with reputable guides and outfitters who have expertise in the chosen activity and/or location. We take this very seriously, and we always do our best to pair our clients up accordingly. Our outfitters are endorsed, meaning we stand behind them as a solid option to book a trip with. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect, but we would book with them ourselves is what it comes down to. In the event that an outfitter becomes a not-so-good outfitter for whatever reason, we take and make the necessary steps to either help them improve, make it right, or simply cease working with them. For the record, this is a rare occasion and circumstance, but it does happen now and then.


Our outfitters trust the booking process that we follow, and our clients are always welcome to converse with our outfitters at any time. Some assume that because of the way our platform is laid out with designated numbers attached to each outfitter that we are attempting to hide something, but that is not the case. In fact, we suggest that our clients converse with our outfitters if and when they feel it is needed. We handle the details, sometimes the finer details and sometimes only the higher-level details. In the end, between HFA and the outfitter, the goal is that any and all surprises or aspects of the trip are completely eliminated. If and when this occurs and a client requests to converse with the outfitter, we will make this connection. On the flip side, if a client attempts to book directly with an outfitter to try and cut us out of the process, we will no longer do business with said client, and there are no exceptions. The very few times this has been attempted has typically been with a non-Huntin’ Fool member, and our outfitters have disclosed this to us every single time. Our relationships are strong and valued with our outfitters, and on top of that, the outfitter isn’t dumb enough to cut off a lifetime of business for a single disrespectful and unwanted client. In the end, we don’t want that client’s business, and neither does the outfitter.


We help our clients choose the most suitable hunting or fishing destinations based on their preferences, the type of game or fish they want to pursue, the season, weapon choice, and many other factors. We have in-depth knowledge of various locations and can recommend the best options to match our clients’ interests.


Our advisors can tailor services to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a particular type of experience, a specific travel experience, or a unique arrangement, we can work to accommodate your requirements. Clear expectations are crucial to ensure the advisor understands your needs and preferences accurately.


Something you should remember is that we work with hundreds and hundreds of outfitters, offering thousands of options for you to choose from. We have established relationships and connections within the industry going on 25+ years, which means we have access to a broader network of opportunities, outfitters, providers, and overall options. This results in better pricing, exclusive opportunities, and more opportunities that you might not be able to secure on your own. There’s no reason you should ever settle for a trip, unless you’ve sand-bagged it too long and now the options are limited. With enough time in advance, we can back you into the trips you want and that meet your overall criteria. Consider all of your options before settling for one that you assume is the right choice. It doesn’t make any sense to act quickly and painfully regret it later.


Hunting and fishing often require permits, licenses, and/or tags, which can vary depending on the location and type of game or fish. We, in conjunction with our outfitters, handle the paperwork and logistics to ensure clients have the necessary information regarding permits to legally engage in the activities we book them for. Typically, we provide the pricing and information and then allow the outfitter to coordinate the acquisition of whatever is necessary.


Depending on the destination and activity, specific gear and equipment is required. Our team advises clients on the essential gear they need. We are passionate about answering the beckoning call to adventure, exploring remote wildernesses, and living amongst the wild creatures that roam there. Our team provides gear solutions that are vetted by our team of professionals so that our clients may enjoy their trips to the fullest. Our Gear Fool Team reaches out to our clients to review these gear essentials and to provide personal one- on-one consultations.


After the trip, we follow up with our clients to gather feedback and ensure their satisfaction with the experience. This helps improve future offerings and to verify that our clients have had what was hopefully a positive experience. If you’ve booked with us in the past, this should ring a bell. We read every one of these, and if any immediate attention is needed, we address it. Otherwise, we follow up on all trips after the bulk of each season is complete. Our outfitters really appreciate this report as well. They appreciate the honesty and the opportunity for constructive criticism and to improve their operations.


Our entire team prioritizes safety and conservation. We provide clients with essential safety guidelines and conservation practices to ensure that hunting and fishing activities are conducted responsibly and ethically.


There’s always a possibility of miscommunication in anything in life. We take communication very seriously. It does us no good to not understand what it is that you expect, prefer, and/or require. We want to know these things and pass them on to the outfitter, as well as align you according to them. Our request is that you communicate as clearly as possible with our advisors, and they will take what is given to them and align you the best they can.


Having a knowledgeable professional handle your bookings can and will reduce stress and anxiety associated with planning the trip-of-a-lifetime. You can rely on our expertise to ensure the adventures you book with us will be representative of what you signed up for.


If any issues or challenges arise during the process, our advisors and team can provide support and potentially troubleshoot problems, thus ensuring a smoother experience overall. Remember that in the event something does come up, you have a very strong ally who’s ready to help in any way possible. We’re here to make the future better, and we’ll do our best at hearing out complaints and finding solutions. Outfitters want to maintain a good-standing working relationship with our advisors. They get a lot of residual business through us, and in most cases, they put their best foot forward when it comes to unhappy clients. This, in turn, is great leverage for you! Booking with us allows leverage that you didn’t have as an individual booking on your own. Remember, this is one more thing that costs you nothing!


This is always the question, and it seems to never go away. As much as we drive this topic home with our clients, it never seems to globally be understood. WE DO NOT CHARGE AN ADDED FEE OR COMMISSION FOR OUR SERVICES! The price you pay is the same whether you book directly with the outfitter or through HFA. The outfitter pays us a commission for all clients that we send/ book. Our outfitters love working with us. We help them keep their schedules full, collaborate on new adventures, help them acquire tags, help them with clients that have drawn tags, etc. The working relationships between us and our outfitters are super strong and long- running.

We are paid a commission from the service providers that we book you with. Examples of these service providers are lodges, outfitters, guides, and other suppliers. When we book a hunting or fishing trip for you, we receive a percentage of the total cost of the trip from the service provider as compensation for bringing in business for them.

It is important to know and understand that we are also very aggressive with high- demand opportunities. Some of these opportunities come at a cost to secure them for you. In these circumstances, we may pay over what the going rate is, and in these unique circumstances, the price would be higher than what is advertised by the outfitter. These opportunities are high-demand/low-supply situations that are typically booked out years in advance. Since we proactively pursue these types of options, they are and will continue to be available for you.

At the end of the day, in this industry, reputation is everything. We’ve been providing our services in this industry for over 25 years now, and we have everything to prove and everything to lose. Better said, it’s not at all about the money. We have no interest in making a quick buck and jeopardizing our reputation. We know the money will follow the services that we provide. Our focus as a reputable booking division of Huntin’ Fool is to help you avoid falling victim to risky and/or unreliable sources or options. We provide valuable advice and recommendations based on our experience, relationships, and industry insights. Whether it’s suggesting the best time for your hunt or trip, the ideal outfitter or service, or the most talented outfitters/guides, our expert guidance can and will enhance your overall experience. Trust your Huntin’ Fool Adventures Team, and call us to experience it for yourself.

Something I’ve perceived as an absolute constant is that a good advisor truly cares. When a client that he or she booked is successful, that success is the advisor’s success. We are all truly excited for our clients’ success on all levels. It’s the payoff for us, and we want nothing more than for our clients to come back again and again. We know this means that in order to ensure this happens we need to continuously provide solid advice. It is, however, a two-way street. Loyalty is everything, and your advisor will be loyal to you, just as you should be loyal to him or her. Rebook trips through your advisor, both new trips and repeat trips. Send your clients to your advisor and show them the love. They took care of you, so in return, you do the same. I suggest that you build a relationship with your advisor, and in return, you will see the fruits of your loyal relationship scattered all over your walls for years to come.

My invitation to you right now is to capitalize on the benefit of all the research, our entire team, years of experience, advice, counsel, and relationships that we have solidified. You get a selection of vetted and Endorsed Outfitters and trips to choose from, and it is all FREE to you! Let us help you on your adventures.