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Walker's Silencer BT Ear Buds

February 2019
Author: Austin Atkinson

Walker's Silencer BT high-performance digital ear buds are integrated with Bluetooth technology, including smartphone app control. The modern sound enhancement features are taken to the next level with four selectable modes. Universal mode is tuned for overall amplification, while Speech Clarity mode is specifically tuned to reduce ambient noise and focus on enhancing vocal frequencies, providing a valuable tool where clear communication is critical. Hi Frequency and Power Boost modes provide additional options for tuning the Silencer BT to hear exactly what you need to. Navigating the various modes is effortless thanks to programmed voice prompts, taking the guesswork out of knowing which mode you are in.

The Silencer BT incorporates the next generation of SAC (Sound-Activated Compression) by utilizing Variable Dynamic Sound Suppression that automatically adjusts the compress time based on the power level of the potentially damaging noise. This helps to deliver the optimum hearing proection in any situation.

"If you're like me, it is unlikely that you'll choose to carry bulky headphones in your backpack when on a hunt and relying on your ability to find the two small foam earplugs you put in your pocket right before you shoot is almost impossible. These new Silencer Ear Buds from Walker's fit the bill for the hunter who is on the move and ensures you are ready to take the shot when the time comes. While in Tanzania this past season pursuing Cape buffalo, I chose to utilize the features of these ear buds. It was critical that I would be able to hear sounds around me, especially the voices of the trackers and PH as we followed tracks of large bulls. The rechargeable batteries made it so I could turn them on at the beginning of the stalk and keep them in for a few hours without any discomfort. The crack of the large caliber rifles was no problem with the suppression features of these ear buds. After the intense moments of shooting a buffalo bull, I kicked on the Bluetooth feature, which allowed me to enjoy some tunes from my phone while on the drive back to camp." - Austin Atkinson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $299.99

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