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Stealth Cam WXA AT&T Cellular Camera

July 2019
Author: Garth Jenson

Stealth Cam ups the ante on wireless image transmission and expands its coverage with the new WXA AT&T cellular camera. Users have complete control of their cameras via the updated free Stealth Cam Remote APP 3.0. The app's new streamlined interface allows the user to configure all camera settings as well as manage the transmission schedule and remotely erase the memory card. New features include Take Test Photo, providing the ability to send a command to the camera to take and transmit a photo on demand. Enhanced location function plots cameras on Google Maps within the app, supplying the user a visual reference as to where their cameras are placed.

The WXA not only incorporates the latest in high speed modems for fast 4G/LTE wireless image and video transmission, but it is also a full featured 22 Megapixel No Glo camera capable of recording high definition video with audio.

"I have tried cell phone cameras before and have had hit and miss results, especially with spotty service. The big issue that most of the cameras had was setting up the account and actually getting the photos reliably. Not to mention, they would drain the battery life so fast that it was a job in and of itself to constantly put fresh batteries in it every other week. I had the WXA Stealth Cam out from November until March and had one bar of service where I put it out. To my surprise, it sent me photos every day at the determined time of 6 a.m. for three out of the five months in temperatures mostly ranging from 50 degrees all the way down to -5 degrees. Once the battery life hit about 45%, it quit sending photos, but it had sent in the neighborhood of 1,000 photos by that time. The camera still took photos until I retrieve it in March, it just wasn't able to send them to my phone. All in all, this has been by far the best cell coverage camera I have worked with." - Garth Jenson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $299.99

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