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KUIU Super Down Burner Parka

November 2022
Author: Jerrod Lile

KUIU is excited to announce the addition of the Super Down Burner Parka to their growing line of outerwear. Designed with proprietary, state-of-the-art materials, the Super Down Burner Parka is KUIU’s solution for staying warm in sub-zero temperatures.

The Super Down Burner Parka was developed to provide unparalleled warmth and protection from the coldest hunting conditions. Sized as a true outer-layer parka, it fits comfortably over base and mid layers and is ideal for low-output, extended activities, such as glassing sessions or sitting stationary for long periods of time in sub-zero temperatures, while still remaining lightweight and packable.

·       Torain® three-layer fabric combines a Stunner Stretch® face fabric, a highly breathable Dermizax® HDM               waterproof membrane, and 7D backer.
·       Quixdown® is a water-resistant, premium-quality goose down with a high-loft of 850+ FP and 95:5 down-to-           feather ratio. Quixdown keeps its loft even when wet.
·       K-DWR® treated fabric beads and resists water, preventing the outer layer of fabric from becoming     saturated with water.
·       Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz.

“KUIU boasts that the Burner Parka is ‘built for hell frozen over,’ and after using this jacket on Kodiak, Alaska in December of last year, I’d have to agree! This jacket utilizes enough down to insulate a full sleeping bag, which means that the minute you put it on, you feel like you’re getting a warm hug from a flock of geese! I figured the best place to test this jacket would be in the harsh winter environment of Alaska, and the jacket quickly became the belle of the ball for all of us who shared a boat for our December trip. Every time I turned around, the jacket had been swiped by a fellow hunter who had ducked outside to fish, skin deer, and any other activity that required exposure to the nasty weather.
One of my primary complaints with most down jackets is that they are typically fragile when it comes to the durability of the shell and they rarely handle water exposure well. This jacket definitely breaks that mold with its Ripstop Nylon face fabric and fully seam taped waterproofing for 100% waterproof and windproof protection. I repeatedly chose this jacket over my usual go-to raingear and puffy jacket combination because I felt that I had the best of both worlds in one jacket with the Burner parka. If you’re looking for a jacket that will keep you warm and cozy in the coldest of conditions, I wouldn’t look any further than the Burner. Plus, this jacket is a no-brainer to throw in your pack when you consider the fact that it weighs less than two pounds and is highly compactible to save valuable space.” – Jerrod Lile, CEO and Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $799

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