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December 2020
Author: Jerrod Lile & Isaiah Joner


The ULTRA name in a KUIU product signifies a priority for streamlined design and ultralight weight. Combining industry-leading fabric and hardware with Toray 3DeFX+® insulation has opened the door to a category of highly- breathable insulation pieces for active use that are perfect for high-output cold weather mountain hunting applications.

3DeFX+ synthetic insulation is the first of its kind to incorporate continuous fiber technology. The long spiral strands of fill are loftier and warmer than any other synthetic insulation on the market and don’t require fabric coating to keep the insulation from migrating through the fabric.

The Kenai ULTRA Jacket features insulation mapping, which positions higher insulation around your core for warmth, with lighter insulation on the sides of the body and arms for improved range of motion and more comfortable layering.

“When KUIU first launched the Kenai jacket, it quickly became one of my favorite pieces of gear they offered. To this day, it is still my go-to jacket when I know I am going to be hiking in cold conditions. It’s extremely comfortable and warm, yet breathable enough that you can hike in it without overheating.” – Isaiah Joner, Outfitter Specialist and Hunt Advisor

“The Kenai jacket is my go-to insulation layer on every single archery hunt. The face fabric of this jacket is extremely quiet and breathable due to the type of synthetic insulation that it uses. As a result, it’s the only layer that I can leave on during stalks in colder weather. As an added bonus, the pit zips create a huge heat dump when you are starting to get too hot for the conditions.” – Jerrod Lile, CEO and Hunt Advisor


  • 2-way stretch fabric
  • Quick drying
  • Wind resistant
  • DWR to repel water
  • Color: Valo, Vias, Verde, Gunmetal, & Olive
  • Sizes: M-3XL
  • Weight: 14.5 oz.
  • NYLON 66 cording
  • DURAFLEX hardware

The Super Down ULTRA Hooded Jacket weighs a mere 7.9 oz. It’s built for the hunter looking for unbelievable warmth-to-weight ratio. It’s designed with a mid-layer fit, making it an ideal insulating layer or as a standalone hooded jacket when brush-busting durability isn’t required. It’s insulated with 2.3 oz. of 850+FP TORAY Quixdown (50% less down than Super Down PRO), making it KUIU’s lightest down jacket.

The outer ultralight 12D nylon Stunner Stretch fabric is windproof and comfortable. It's heat-treated to keep the down from migrating through the fabric, eliminating the need for noisy down-proof coatings. The fabric is also treated with TORAY K-DWR to repel light rain and snow.

“The Ultra jacket is something that rarely leaves my pack. Weighing in at less than 8 ounces, it is hard to even notice it. I will pack this jacket on most trips when the temp is ranging from 30-70 degrees. It’s a great piece that you can throw on to stay warm on those brisk hunts or to keep warm while sitting to glass. This is not made as an outer shell, so to maximize its warmth, it is good to put another shell over the top of it.” – Isaiah Joner

“This jacket is ridiculously warm given the fact that it weighs 7.9 ounces and literally fits in a cargo pocket. The face fabric readily sheds moisture and is highly effective at cutting wind, so it’s a good outer layer, but it also fits nicely inside of a rain jacket and any of KUIU’s other outer layer garments. It’s so non-intrusive, it’s almost impossible for me to leave this jacket at home, regardless of the season or location of any given hunt.” – Jerrod Lile

  • 95% down cluster | 5% feather
  • IDFL certified (International Down and Feather Laboratory)
  • Color: Valo, Verde, Vias, Olive, Black, Gunmetal, & Major Brown
  • Sizes: S-3XL
  • Weight: 7.9 oz.

The Super Down PRO Hooded Jacket is for the coldest hunts. It’s sized to fit over your base and mid-layers. It's the ideal jacket when temperatures plunge and for low-level activity like long glassing sessions or sitting in a stand. It’s insulated with 5 oz. of 850+FP Quixdown (twice the down as ULTRA), making it KUIU’s warmest down jacket.

The outer 30D Stunner Stretch nylon fabric is the perfect combination of performance and stretch. It's heat-treated to keep the down from migrating through the fabric, eliminating the need for noisy down-proof coatings. The fabric is also treated with TORAY K-DWR to repel light rain and snow.

“The Super Down Pro is what I call my ‘buddy heater.’ I will always take this on hunts where I know the conditions are going to be cold. It is sized up and made to go over all your other layers. It has twice the insulation as the super down ultra, so when you zip this puffy up, you will instantly feel warmer. This jacket will overheat you if you are hiking hard, so I use it mainly when I am glassing or sitting around camp.” – Isaiah Joner

“If I’m heading out on a hunt that has me checking the weather daily to make sure I’m going to survive, this jacket sets my mind at ease. There is no type of cold that this jacket is afraid of, even if I’m going to be stationary for long periods of time. Although it appears to be way bulkier than the other insulation layers, it still weighs less than a pound and packs down tightly in my pack, making it a must-have for cold, late season hunts.” – Jerrod Lile

  • Lining fabric – 12 denier Nylon ripstop
  • 95% down cluster | 5% feather
  • IDFL certified (International Down and Feather Laboratory)
  • Packable in self-stowing left pocket • Color: Valo, Verde, Vias, & Gunmetal
  • Sizes: M-3XL
  • Weight: 13.4 oz.