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Advisor Insights Video: Hunting Packs Review

June 2020
Author: Vanessa Hunt

With draw results coming out, it's time to inventory your hunting gear. As you head up into the hills to start your training, you’re probably looking at what pack you’re going to eventually fill with some weight and take with you on your hikes. If you’re thinking about adding a new pack to your gear list this season, we’ve got some information to help you decide what pack will be best for you.

One of our newest Advisor Insight videos reviews a few backpacks that you should check out if you’re looking to take a new one into the field this season. Six of the Hunt Advisors were paired with six of the top hunting packs on the market. Each pack was loaded with 50 lbs. of salt, set on the back of every Advisor, and then carried over rough terrain. In the video, they go over what they liked about each pack and what could use some improvement. Additionally, we created individual videos for each pack where an Advisor goes over individual features and functions of a specific pack.

The packs the Advisors tried out were the Eberlestock Mainframe, Exo K3 4800, Initial Ascent IA4K, KUIU Pro 6000, Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45, and Stone Glacier Sky 5900. You can find some specs on the packs here, but to get the Advisors’ thoughts on these packs and their full reviews, check out our YouTube channel, The Huntin’ Fool.

We know there are more packs out there with some amazing features, and maybe one of those is the right one for you. However, we can’t review every pack. These six are a few of our favorites. Check out the individual videos to see if one of these packs is what you’ll be taking into the field this fall. However, if you’re interested in something else and want some insight into what other packs are out there, give us a call.

Eberlestock Mainframe + F7 Kite
Weight: 7.76 lbs. (Tall version)
Pack Size: 3,000 ci
Color Options: Dry Earth, Military Green, Mirage, Mountain, Skye, Western Slope (Tall +$30)
Price: $607.95

EXO K3 4800
Weight: 5.54 lbs.
Pack Size: 4,800 ci
Color Options: Multicam, Fusion, Ranger
Price: $649.99

Initial Ascent IA4K
Weight: 6.72 lbs.
Pack Size: 4,000 ci
Color Options: Coyote, OD Green, Wolf Gray, Kryptek Highlander
Price: $629.95

KUIU Pro 6000
Weight: 6.32 lbs.
Pack Size: 6,000 ci
Color Options: Vias Camo, Verde 2.0, Ash Phantom
Price: $569

Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45
Weight: 5.48 lbs.
Pack Size: 2,746 ci
Color Options: Coyote, Foliage, Optifade, Supalpine
Price: $450

Stone Glacier Sky 5900
Weight: 5.54 lbs.
Pack Size: 5,900 ci
Color Options: N/A
Price: $659