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January 2023

Polaris has harnessed the power of electrification and is once again pushing the industry forward with the introduction of its highly anticipated RANGER XP Kinetic. Featuring an entirely new electric powertrain born from Polaris’ partnership with Zero Motorcycles®, RANGER XP Kinetic establishes a new standard for UTV performance and productivity.

With industry-leading horsepower and torque, RANGER XP Kinetic offers more power than ever to pull more, haul more, and get more done. The electric powertrain’s instantaneous torque delivers precise control when pulling or towing heavy loads. In addition, the industry’s most advanced drivetrain features less moving parts for lower maintenance costs and more uptime for increased productivity. Plus, the quiet electric powertrain means quiet operation around animals and stealthy entry and exit to hunting spots. RANGER XP Kinetic is available as a three-seat model and offered in Premium and Ultimate trims.
MSRP: Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic Premium starting at $24,999
             Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic Ultimate starting at $29,999
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