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Outdoorsmans Standard Tripod

October 2020

The all-new Outdoorsmans Standard Tripod is perfect for standing, sitting, and balancing on boulders or truck beds, and it has the adjustability of a three-section design. We call it the Standard because we firmly believe that’s what it will quickly become; both for us and our customers. Going forward, the Standard tripod is replacing the Medium tripod. We've committed to the three-sectioned tripod across the entire family of tripods, making the decision simply a matter of your glassing style.

The Standard Tripod is really the perfect balance between the Tall and Compact tripods and an easy choice for the dynamic hunter. The modest 18.5" compressed length means you can bring the Standard anywhere you need to go without worrying about taking up too much precious pack space. The optional centerpost extension allows you to stretch it up to 60.5" tall and easily glass standing up.

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all glassing solution, the Standard Tripod will do more than meet your needs – it will leave you wishing you had one a long time ago. It truly is the new Standard.

MSRP: $499.99

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