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January 2021

With an even longer riser to axle-to-axle ratio than the award-winning VXR, a completely redesigned limb and limb cup, all-new patent-pending CenterguardTM Cable Containment system, and the new Nano 740TM Damper, the 2021 V3 is a stealthy, agile rig that has never met a situation it can’t handle.
Offered in 27" ATA for ultimate agility in tight spaces or 31" ATA for maximum stability, the V3 gives hunters a compact rig without compromising Mathews’ industry-leading accuracy. Both share a 6" brace height and deliver speeds up to 342 fps. The new Centerguard system places the roller guard in the true center of the bow, resulting in optimal cam timing to maximize tunability while also adding additional vane clearance. Stability is key to accuracy – taking a strategic approach to the riser design led to a platform that cut weight while maximizing length and rigidity in critical areas. The V3 sports the longest riser to axle-to-axle ratio we’ve ever built.
Stealth remains a top priority on the new V3. The new riser platform and limb geometry also increased cam efficiencies and enhanced the effects of 3D Damping® for less noise and vibration than ever before. The V3 deploys the all-new Nano 740, which is calibrated and tuned to the specific harmonics of these models. This new extended position also provides added balance at full draw.
MSRP: $1,199

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