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KUIU Pro Bino Harness

November 2020

The new modular full-featured KUIU PRO Bino Harness is built for complete binocular protection, ease of use, and a solid, comfortable fit. It incorporates a fully enclosed back and lid, so the optics get zero exposure to rain, snow, dust, and debris.

The lid may be quietly opened and closed with one-hand operation. The moldable case opening (Patent Pending) forms to the exact profile of your binoculars, and the fit is purposefully made to ride high and tight on your chest so there is no sag or bounce when walking, bending over, or crawling.
The Pro Bino Harness is modular and is compatible with the Pro Hydration Rig, Range Finder Holder, Ammo Holder, and Accessory Pocket (sold separately). The Pro Hydration Rig is used for final stocks when a full large pack may get in the way. The Range Finder Holder and Ammo Holder easily attach to the Pro Bino Harness and provide quick and easy access to your range finder and ammunition. The Accessory Pocket mounts on the bottom of the Bino Harness and keeps your small items conveniently in reach and organized.
The Pro Bino Harness is available in two sizes to accommodate a broad range of binocular sizes and brands.
MSRP: $99

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