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Federal Terminal Ascent

August 2020

Federal’s new Terminal Ascent blends the features of top match-style bullet designs with the industry’s best bonding technology and components to deliver any-range accuracy and reliable expansion even at low velocities. This outstanding bullet design provides high weight retention, deep penetration, and lethal terminal performance, both up close and at extreme distances.
Terminal Ascent is simply the best all-range, all-velocity hunting ammunition available. It features several key elements that make up its superior overall design. First is the solid-shanked and bonded bullet construction. Second is the AccuChannel grooving. Third is the Slipstream heat-resistant polymer tip. In addition to the AccuChannel and Slipstream Tip, Federal engineers incorporated other important features to boost ballistic coefficient (BC), delivering flat trajectories and less wind drift. Finally, Terminal Ascent features high-end nickel plating that is corrosion-resistant to give the cartridge an outstanding appearance with smooth operation.
The result of all these design elements is both close-range (higher velocity) and long-range (lower velocity) terminal performance with both accuracy and reliability, plus great looks. With the ability to expand at the lowest velocity of 1,400 fps, the bullet is sure to be a hit with shooters using shorter-barrel rifles or hunting handguns.
There’s never been a hunting bullet that compares. In fact, Federal already touts Terminal Ascent as being its best hunting bullet ever made in the 98-year-old history of the company.
MSRP: $47.99-$65.99, depending on caliber

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