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The Buck-of-a-Lifetime

February 2019
Story by Skylee Anderson
State: Utah
Species: Deer - Mule

The hunt was tough, as usual, but a few blisters, sweat, and tears finally paid off when my dad spotted a buck-of-a-lifetime. All he said was, "Skylee, get your gun loaded and come shoot this monster."


As I loaded my gun and got down on my stomach to make a perfect shot, I got the deer in my scope. My dad said to shoot whenever I was ready. Buck fever really started setting in as I was looking at this deer in my crosshairs in my scope. I pulled the trigger and heard my dad say, "You hit it, but put another one in it."


At this point, the buck fever really set in. Finally, on the 13th shot at 365 yards, the deer dropped in its tracks. This truly was a hunt-of-a-lifetime, and to make it more memorable, I was able to be with my dad and kill a true monster. My dad told me good luck because it was going to be hard to upgrade on a general season hunt in the future when at the age of 14 I killed a buck scoring over 188”.