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Huntin' Fool Showecase

June 2020
Story by Bill Cowan
State: Arizona
Species: Sheep - Desert

To my surprise, I drew an Arizona Desert bighorn sheep tag in 37B through Huntin’ Fool’s License Application Service. This was my first sheep hunt. I contacted Sundowner Guide Service in Show Low, Arizona and contracted them to guide me on this hunt. RJ Rush was my most excellent guide.

On day three of the hunt, I got a beautiful ram in some of the most beautiful country I have hunted in. The hunt started on the afternoon of December 12th. It wasn’t long until we found some sheep in the glass. On day two, after a long morning of glassing, we found some sheep off at a long distance with a nice ram. RJ and the crew made a plan for a stalk the next morning. Saturday, we were on the sheep at first light, and through an exciting day of working with the elements we had the ram at 4 p.m.

I can’t say enough for the preparedness that RJ and his Sundowner crew exhibited in these few days. They understand sheep and the terrain. Their enthusiasm is infectious. RJ’s brother, Rayne, co-owner of Sundowner Guide Service, also joined us on the hunt. Their confidence in what they do is incredible. I left a much more educated hunter with an appreciation for a new geographical region to me.

Thank you RJ, Rayne, Larry Johnson, and the crew for all your hard work. It was a blast getting to meet and spend time with a great group of guys with a passion of sportsmanship and a love of wildlife.