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April 2023

Arm yourself with the red dot specifically built for modern, everyday carry. The micro-sized Defender-CCW delivers maximum concealment, reliability, and the first-shot quickness you need when facing a threat with nowhere to run. The slim profile means no extra bulk or width for a smoother, no-snag draw from under clothes and less chance of printing, so the only one on the street who knows you’re packing is you. A large, class-leading sight window and brilliant, illuminated dot help you lock on target faster and defend more accurately, even in low light. Auto-Shutoff preserves battery life. It’s motion activated, so it’s instantly ready when you need it. It fits full-size to micro-compacts. Meant for those who prioritize personal protection, the Defender-CCW lets you carry more discreetly and defend faster and more accurately when life is on the line.

  • Large, hard-coated aspherical lens
  • Motion activation with 14-hour auto-shutoff
  • Shockshield Polymer insert
  • Shield RMS footprint
MSRP: $349.99
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