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July 2024

Revic Optics, a division of Gunwerks, releases the Radikl RS25b smart scope with integrated ballistics. The second generation, 4-25x50mm smart scope features the Revic ballistic engine that computes elevation and windage solutions, including calculations for aerodynamic jump, spin drift, and earth-based effects.
This is a purpose-built smart scope made for real world operation. On the surface, the RS25b is built with all the core, mechanical features long-range shooters demand. Within the scope is the Revic ballistic engine that delivers immediate shot-solutions when seconds count. Equipped with superior glass quality and state of the art Revic ballistics, the RS25b is the most complete, feature- packed riflescope available.
A full sensor suite measures real-time environment and shot inputs to calculate a solution. We’ve invented and patented a novel way to convert the elevation turret adjustments into an exact digital signal to send to the Radikl ballistic computer.
When you dial the turret, the system calculates a real-time ballistic solution. Just dial until the display shows the target range – all the ballistics are done!
Calculations include base wind, vector wind, aerodynamic jump, earth-based effects, and spin drift. Simply dial to the range, hold for wind, and shoot.
MSRP: $3,995

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