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September 2020
Author: Braxton Byers

If you are like me, you look forward to that first hunt every year, getting the gear you will need months in advance and putting all the time and effort into making sure you are ready. Then in the blink of an eye the hunt or season is over and you don’t know how you can stand to wait another 10 months until the next hunting season. Here is the solution. Go to Texas.

Texas has some of the best exotic hunting you will ever find. You can hunt exotics there year-round. A lot of them even rut in the spring or summer months, meaning you get to hunt rutting animals when you are usually out mowing your lawn. I have heard people say before, “They are in a pen, and I don’t want to go hunt that way.” This is true in some instances, but there are many huge ranches in Texas that are high-fenced and you would never know it. The ranches are actually bigger than most areas that animals travel in the wild.

If hunting high-fence exotics still doesn’t interest you, Texas has huge numbers of free-ranging exotics to hunt. It seems like in some areas of Texas the Axis deer are more populous than the whitetail. I have hunted low-fence and high-fence Axis deer, and let me tell you, no matter where those critters are, they are no easy task.

Another great thing about hunting the exotics in Texas is the meat you get to bring home. It is some of the best wild game you will ever taste. I promise that no matter how you like to hunt, you will have a blast in Texas. Most of the time, the ranches are set up to hunt however fits you best, including spot and stalk, rifle, bow, and even thermal or night vision. Yes, in Texas, you can hunt exotics or hogs at night with night vision or thermal scopes. Not many people know about this, and it is a very cool experience.

All in all, this is a great, fun hunting opportunity to help pass the time until the normal hunting seasons in the different states open up. If you have any questions about hunting exotics in Texas at any time of the year, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction of some of the best outfitters Texas has to offer.