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May 2022
Author: Braxton Byers

Everyone who steps out into the woods has a different goal. Some have the mindset that if they don’t harvest then it wasn’t a successful hunt, and others have the mindset that as long as they are not at work, it’s the perfect vacation. No matter what your goals are, you are not wrong. However, be sure you know what your goals are before asking your buddy to tag along, and in return, make sure you find out their hunting goals. Hunting and enjoying time in the woods with someone should always be something you look forward to doing, but if the two of you have different goals, it can turn miserable very quickly.

A few things to really think about are each other’s physical abilities, how each person likes to hunt, how much time each person has to dedicate to the hunt, and how much money each hunter is willing to spend. These are just a few easy ones to think about, but they can make or break a hunt very quickly if they are not discussed prior. Also, when discussing these topics, it is very important to be up front with each other about what your expectations are for the trip. Poor communication leads to disappointment, which could lead to a friendship going south in a hurry. With good communication and knowing each other’s expectations, the hunt should be a great experience for everyone, even if you have set totally different goals.

It is also important to realize that we all have very close friends in our lives who probably wouldn’t make very good hunting buddies, and that is OK. We only have so many seasons left in our lifetime, so take a few extra minutes to evaluate the type of person you would like to share this precious time with.