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June 2018
Author: Isaiah Joner

Every year around this time, most guys are finalizing their hunt plans for the fall. Those who were not lucky enough to draw any tags start to scramble and try to find over-the-counter or landowner tags so they can put together a hunt. If you are looking for a guided hunt, there are not a lot of good outfitters with openings available for the 2018 season. This can lead you to booking with a subpar outfitter or not being able to book a hunt at all.

As the Outfitter Specialist at Huntin’ Fool, I am beginning to see a trend of outfitters booking up faster than they have in the past. Whether it’s a good economy or guys just wanting to get a guaranteed tag and go hunting, something has the hunting market crowded. This is good for outfitters, but it can be bad news for hunters trying to put together a last-minute hunt. You don’t want to be sitting at home getting pictures from your buddies of their hunts because you didn’t plan far enough in advance.

My recommendation for anyone who wants to book a hunt with a guaranteed tag in the future is to start planning. Most good outfitters are booking one to two years out for their best spots. It can be frustrating for our members and for me when they can’t find the perfect hunt. If you are thinking about a hunt for 2019 or 2020, I would recommend that you start looking at putting a deposit down now. There are a couple of benefits to booking a year or two out. First, most outfitters will have wide-open dates. Through conversations with the outfitter, you can plan the best hunt and dates that work for you. Second, it helps make the hunt more affordable because you can put money away for it each month. When the time rolls around to pay your balance off, it won’t be such a hit on your bank account.

All hunters like to go hunting, but not everyone has the knowledge or time to do self-guided hunts. For guys who are looking for a guided hunt, Huntin’ Fool has a great list of Endorsed Outfitters that we work with to ensure you will have a great hunting experience. Time moves faster than we would all like, and before you know it, the 2018 hunting season will be gone and 2019 will be knocking on the door. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about a guided hunt in the future to pick up the phone and give us a call. You don’t want to miss out on a great hunting experience by not taking the steps to lock down a hunt.