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September 2023
Author: Garth Jenson

New from Springfield Armory is the Model 2020 Redline, a lightweight and easy to maneuver bolt-action rifle. Embracing attributes of the classic scout rifle, the new Model 2020 Redline takes the concept into the 21st century with the use of modern materials and cutting-edge design. The result is a lightweight and compact rifle ready for hunts where every ounce counts.

Designed to deliver a lightweight, custom-grade hunting rifle, the Model 2020 Redline is available chambered in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. Offered with a choice of 16" or 20" carbon fiber-jacketed barrels, the threaded muzzle as well as the compact dimensions of the rifle, with an overall length as short as 36.5", make the Redline an ideal host for a suppressor on your next backcountry hunt.

“After receiving our new Redline in a 6.5 Creedmoor in the 16" barrel version, my first thought was how is a rifle with such a short barrel going to perform at long range? My next thought was that this must be the lightest rifle I have ever picked up. By the time we mounted the scope and suppressor, it weighed in at only 6.4 pounds.
We then proceeded to the range for accuracy verification both close and long range. Within five shots, we had it zeroed at 100 yards and held an impressive sub MOA group. Once we verified the velocity, we acquired a target downrange at 640 yards and four out of four shots found their mark on an 18" target.

This was all done with factory Hornady Match ammo, which is just amazing on an assembly line type rifle. I would highly recommend the new 2020 Redline line of Springfield Armory rifles for anyone looking at an affordable option for an extremely accurate long-range rifle, especially if you are looking for a lightweight option.” – Garth Jenson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $2,299

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