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July 2024
Author: Braxton Byers

The new Rogen 3 is an outstanding three-person tent for any trip in snow- free conditions. It is airy and comfortable, and its simple-to-pitch construction makes it both remarkably strong and lightweight. Dual entrances and vestibules provide plenty of room for gear, while large, always open mesh panels on the inner tent along with curved patterning on the bottom of the outer tent walls offer constant airflow. For even more ventilation in fine conditions, both vestibules can be completely rolled away. Each vestibule door has two panels that can be used independently of one another, affording many configuration options. In addition, guy lines at the bottom of the outer tent wall on both the head and foot ends of the tent can be shortened to provide more protection, or adjusted for greater airflow, depending on the weather conditions.


·      Minimum Weight: 4 lbs. 14 oz.

·      Packed Weight: 5 lbs. 8 oz.

·      Outer Tent Fabric: Kerlon 1000

·      Colors: Green, Red, or Sand

“This past spring bear season, I had the pleasure of having the Hilleberg Rogen 3 tent to stay in. This is a spacious tent for sure, but it just barely weighs over 5 lbs. pack weight. I am one who usually takes way more than I need on a hunt, and this tent supplied the cover and room for all my gear spread out. The Rogen 3 is a three-person tent but handles two people and all gear with ease. The first time I set this tent up, it took me about 10 minutes to have it up and ready to sleep. This tent has entry/exit doors on both sides along with nice vestibules on each side. No more having to crawl over someone to get out in the middle of the night.

The hunts I took this tent on got extremely warm, even at night, but with the high sides on the rain fly and ability to leave the doors unzipped with just the mesh closed, I had a great breeze to be able to sleep very comfortable. If the weather turns colder, the rain flap can be tightened closer to the ground and you can zip the tent up fully to keep as much warmth in as possible. If you don’t mind a little more weight and want more room, I believe this tent is going to be a hard one to look past.” – Braxton Byers, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $1,375

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