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July 2024
Author: Jake Lile

Brute Force Pre-Workout: Hit the weight room or the trail with a body prepared for explosive strength and tireless endurance without the stimulus of caffeine. A potent complex of amino acids elevates your muscle function while a unique herbal blend expands your capacity for hard training.

Energy & Focus: Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus is a notably different type of energy drink, uniquely formulated to feed the energy-producing mechanisms in the body while boosting mental clarity and increasing physical output.

BCAAs: Increase strength and physical endurance by feeding your muscles exactly what they need. BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) boost muscle protein synthesis, increasing muscular energy and strength, speeding recovery time, and reducing soreness.

Midnight Build: With Wilderness Athlete Midnight Build, you can bring your physical conditioning to the next level as it infuses its potent nutrients and adaptogens into the muscle-making and physical recovery processes of the body while you sleep.

“I’ve used a number of leading supplement brands in the fitness and outdoor space since I started seriously weight training back in 2014. Ten years later, I wanted to change up my supplementation with a focus on two things: decreasing my sugar intake and increasing my quality of sleep, so in January I switched to Wilderness Athlete and added Brute Force Pre-Workout (Caffeine Free), Energy & Focus, BCAAs, and Midnight Build to my daily routine (plus other Wilderness Athlete products here and there). Now, five months into it, I am so impressed by the quality of ingredients offered in every product and pleased with how little sugar is in every serving. Plus, pulling the caffeine out of my pre-workout (which I take in the mornings) has allowed me to utilize a more timely caffeine boost in the afternoons with Energy & Focus. Finally, I monitor my sleep and recovery (with a WHOOP) religiously, and I found that taking Midnight Build before bed increased my recovery score by about 10%. All told, I could not recommend Wilderness Athlete enough to gym goers and hunters alike, and I plan to continue to test out their entire product line in the months to come!” – Jake Lile, Marketing Manager

MSRP: Brute Force Pre-Workout - $49.95, Energy & Focus Tub - $39.95, BCAAs - $49.95, • Midnight Build - $39.95

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