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April 2019
Author: Garth Jenson

The Bandit Quilt is our hybrid crossover quilt, replacing our best-selling Flight Jacket Quilt and providing many of the features from our high performance Renegade Quilt. Using contruction methods from the Flight Jacket Quilt with the chamber layout of the Renegade Quilt, we've created a well-fitting, affordable performance quilt.

Building off of previously established chamber designs, we introduced the concept of isolated chambers on the torso and foot box. This baffle layout provides for zone filling of the quilt, allowing for additional down to be placed where it's most needed to achieve maximum comfort and function. Using a combination of vertical and horizontal chambers, the Bandit Quilt will fit you like a glove. This unique concept pioneered by the Renegade Quilt provides for exceptional drape and avoids the traditional bridging of the quilt common with traditional left to right chambers. The design, construction, ultralight fabrics, and UltimaDown 800/850/950 fill power downs all combine to make the Bandit Quilt a true performance value.

"Going into my 2018 hunting season, I was looking for a quality quilt that was affordable and also performed to the level that was advertised. UGQ met every qualification I had and was something I could afford. I sleep cold, so I opted for the 20 degree Bandit quilt, even though I only planned on using it from July to September. I was able to shave weight off of my backpack setup and stay warm even into my September high country Colorado elk hunt when temps got down to 30 degrees at night." - Garth Jenson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $159.95-$354.95

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