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April 2016
Author: Jeff Warren

It has been about four years since I was introduced to Todd Sholly and Curt Pilcher of Red Rock Precision Rifles. They invited me to participate in an annual long-range shooting event in Cody, Wyoming called the Huskemaw Challenge. I was very hesitant as I did not know much about long-range shooting. After some thought, I decided to go along as I thought I had a rifle that was capable of long-range shots, so I accepted their offer, and I am very glad I did.
Red Rock has since converted my favorite rifle to their system, and I recently purchased their P2PX Extreme Range Magnum rifle. To say that I am a fan of these rifles is an understatement. I have been through four hunting seasons with these rifles, and the results have been impressive. Two of the more memorable hunts resulted in a great Wyoming bull elk taken at a reasonable yardage and a really nice general season mule deer in Utah taken at a distance that I would not have even considered before becoming familiar with my Red Rock rifle. One of the side notes to owning these guns is the need to hone my long-range capabilities shooting steel from ranges of 300 to 1,200 yards. My wife cannot understand my need to buy metal gongs at $150 apiece just to hear the sound of bullets hitting steel plates, but it really is an addicting sound. Don’t do it if you do not need another bad habit.
When you receive your rifle, it comes with 60 rounds of ammunition that has been custom loaded for your rifle. Either Todd, Curt, or Curt’s son, Josh, will personally shoot and verify every single rifle they build at their shooting range out to 1,000 yards before shipping it to its new owner. When you need more ammo, simply call Red Rock and they will load more ammo for your particular weapon as they have all of the data for your rifle on file. They use Huskemaw rifle scopes, and I love those optics. They are simple to use, just range your target and dial the turret to the yardage indicated. There will also be two sets of turrets for different elevations you might be hunting in. I have a turret for 7,000' and one for 5,300', which pretty much covers the elevations I hunt. Wind is a big factor, and learning to dope the wind is a must. I’m still learning the wind doping process, but I am gaining ground. Wind doping is something you need to learn if long-range shots are in your future.
When you decide to pull the pin and purchase one of Red Rock’s rifles, they will give you the option to come to their range in Utah and shoot your gun with them. This is invaluable as these guys know what they are doing. I have been to the range with them four times, and I have learned something different every time.
We have a number of Huntin’ Fool members who have purchased Red Rock rifles. As far as our staff goes, four of the Professional Hunt Advisors are currently shooting these rifles.
If you are interested in finding out more about Red Rock rifles, go to It is a thorough website, easy to navigate, and has all of the technical data you may be looking for along with current pricing. Contact information for Todd and Curt is also available. After exploring their website, I highly recommend calling them and having a one-on-one conversation with either Todd or Curt. You will not meet a better class of folks, and their custom long-range weapons are second to none.